January 12 2018

On Mining

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As BC Liberals, we need to broaden our appeal if we are to win the next election. I want to demonstrate how we will make life more affordable and make government work for all British Columbians.


The NDP Greens insist on making a false choice between resource development and the environment.


The value we place on our environment should be used to unite us. The BC brand should stand for producing the best resources, technologies and innovations in the world.


The NDP Greens don’t understand that every ‘tech’ job begins with jobs in mining.


For example, electric vehicles require twice the amount of copper as traditional cars.


Where better to mine the copper and other minerals needed to support the tech sector than here in BC? 


BC can offer the best environmental and safety standards in the world.


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Thank you,

Michael Lee

About Michael

Michael Lee is the MLA for Vancouver-Langara. Before entering politics Michael was a prominent business lawyer in Vancouver, where he worked for 20 years with forestry, mining, energy and technology companies across BC. He also has a strong record of community service for over 30 years, including with social service, educational as well as children and youth organizations. A son of immigrants, Michael was born and raised in Vancouver. He and his wife Christina have three young adult children.


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